Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inagural Posting

Here is my maiden post.  I spent more time listing my favorite movies than anything else on here.   I guess that shows where my priorities are at.  Speaking of which, I recently saw District 9 for the third time.  Yes, it was that good.  I thought it was actually a smart movie especially for a computer centric sci-fi film.  You could definitely see the handiwork of Peter Jackson on the CGI.  For $30 million this movie outdid most of the graphics heavy films of the summer, far surpassing Transformers in sheer visual effects alone.   

In addition to the impressive display of visual prowess the socially conscious story line should have felt heavy handed and preachy but pulled it off socially relevant and stirring instead.  You typically can't make a movie about the plight of refugees in Africa and make it appealing to your mainstream audience members.  Despite this glaring challenge, not only did you feel for a creature dubbed a "Prawn" but it made you reevaluate the entire system of refugee camps in general.  In the end though, Nigerians still ended up being con artists.  It is what it is.

next up for my amusement is GI Joe.  I have a strong desire to wallow in childhood reminiscence but I 'm afraid the sheer ridiculousness of the film will have a ruinous effect on my nostalgia.  We'll have to see...

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